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This is my galaxy hoodie derp skin!  I love galaxy stuff so I created this, I used blues, purples and pinks for the stars! This was TOTALLY custom! I made a time-lapse of making this amazing galaxy skin, so click the link to see it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9xpFc2BB8E


(1) right click this  picture ->Galaxy hoodie derp

(2) then click “save as” (save it were you can find it again!!!!)

(3) open the Minecraft launcher and click “skins” at the top of the screen

(4) then click “browse” and click on the skin file you just saved

(5) when you click on it click “open”

(6) Minecraft should show a picture of the skin

(7) click “save” and it should be uploaded (it may take a while so be patient!)

Galaxy Minecraft Skin for Derpy Girls
Galaxy Hoodie – Minecraft Girl Skin – designed by HelloDerpy




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